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R&D 100 Awards

MELD™ Selected as Finalist

The R&D 100 Awards is a global, industry-spanning accolade in its 56th year that recognizes the most innovative new technologies.

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MELD in Theater

Innovative solutions for military needs

MELD is the safest, most portable additive manufacturing solution for remote use at the point of need.

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2018 Exhibitor Innovation Award Winner

MELD Manufacturing Corporation was selected from the more than 300 exhibitors at RAPID + TCT 2018 as the recipient of the Innovation Award. RAPID + TCT, a 3D printing and additive manufacturing event that draws industry leaders from around the globe, is North America’s preeminent event for 3D manufacturing.

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Create the Future Design Contest

MELD™ Technology Winner in Robotics/Automation/Manufacturing Category

MELD™ has been named the winner in the Robotics/Automation/Manufacturing category of Tech Briefs/SAE's Create the Future Design Contest, which recognizes the year's best in engineering.

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Additive Manufacturing

Solid-State AM

MELD is a major breakthrough in additive manufacturing. Build parts in the solid-state without the hassles and limitations of other processes.

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Metal Coatings Without Melting

With MELD, you can create metal coatings without the restraints of melt-based technologies.

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Fix the Unfixable

Save time and money by repairing damage, cracks, and other deformities with MELD.

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Add Features

Attach customer features that aren't possible with other processes

Add custom features to thin materials with low residual stress.

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Weld New Materials

MELD offers the ability to join a wide range of materials, even those once thought to be unweldable.

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Make MMCs & Custom Metals

Design without monoloithic material limits.

Explore the possibilities of custom materials.

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No chambers. No powder beds. One of the greatest things about…

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No porosity. No sintering. No shrinkage. Melting metal causes problems. Since…

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Fewer steps. Better results. High material throughput is one of the…

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Materials of Your Choice

No limitations. The flexibility and freedom you have with what you…

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